Brianna Duncan

Title: Office Assitant

Email: [email protected]

Office: 6885 4564

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We snagged Brianna in July 2020 in a very hotly contested recruitment, where she proved to us that her previous experience in a real estate office would give her an edge as our general office assistant. She enthusiastically helps our whole team get the jobs done, and we love her energetic and task oriented approach to her role, coupled with her warm and friendly way of greeting everyone who comes into the office. She's also a great singer, and regularly gigs with a local jazz band! You'll typically get to say "Hi!" to Brianna when you're calling or visiting our office.

How does Brianna eat a meat pie? "Peel the top off, put tomato sauce on it. Eat top. Put tomato sauce in meat. Mix. Eat meat with fork. Put tomato sauce in pie bowl and eat it"

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