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2 Pamela Place, Dubbo
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46 Castlereagh Avenue, Dubbo
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    What You Need to Know About Wards in the Upcoming Local Government Election

    Did you know there's no West Ward in the upcoming local government elections? Like you, we want our democratic duty to vote on 4th December to deliver the best possible outcome for Dubbo.   This year, we need to think about the wards in two ways. Firstly, to work out which one you're in. And secondly, have a say on whether or not you want to keep the ward system, as there will be a re...

    3 Reasons Moving to Dubbo is a Solid Choice

    When I tell someone I’m from Dubbo, this universally prompts a guttural echo, “Duuuubbbbbooo”, and usually some comment about the Zoo, with or without an attempt at humour. It’s true, most people have heard about Dubbo, and have their own ideas about what it’s like here. We’ve seen our fair share of headlines, but I want to tell you three reasons why Dubbo i...

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