So, you’d like to rent through SJ Shooter Real Estate?

That's great! Renting with us has many advantages, including:

  1. 3D Virtual tours of most of our rental properties, meaning you know exactly what you're applying for, even if you're unable to inspect it yourself.
  2. Environmentally conscious and super convenient paperless applications, lease signings and even property condition reports. Saving you hours and saving our trees!
  3. Online portal where you can see exactly where your rent is up to, your lease status, log maintenance or even message your property manager.

Plus, we're friendly and transparent in how we work with EVERYONE, including our applicants and tenants.

WAIT!! Before you get started...

As you've probably already discovered, applying for rental properties can be tedious and time consuming. We've made our application as straightforward as possible, but there's still a lot of questions we need to ask. So your efforts are not in vain, please be prepared with the following:

  1. Digital, full colour files of BOTH sides of any ID cards. Check that your files are clear, not blurry or cut off. If you are in Australia on a Visa, it’s essential to include a copy of this with your application.
  2. An explanation for any listings you may have on tenancy databases like TICA, or matters like bankruptcy or court appearances for debts. The checks we do will bring these things up, so it's best to be upfront about them to help us understand their context.
  3. Evidence you pay your dues. Rent ledgers are perfect, but if you're renting privately and can't access one, try filtering 6 months of bank transactions to show only your rent payments and print this to PDF. If you haven't rented before, you could do the same for any regular bills you've been paying, eg board, car payments, even savings etc.
  4. Evidence of income. Your last 3 payslips, a letter from your new employer if you're moving to town, Centrelink income statement etc. If you're self employed, BAS, ATO Notice of Assessment etc., whichever will most clearly demonstrate that you can afford the rent.
  5. Understanding of the 1/3 guideline. Generally, we like your rent to be less than 1/3 of household income. This is because we don't want to set anyone up for financial distress. For example, 2 adults applying together earn $600 each per week, the household income is $1,200 and 1/3 of that is $400. This is a guide only, but if you're applying for a property that will represent more than this, consider including additional evidence like savings, or previous rent arrangements that show the amount is sustainable for you.
  6. It's a good idea to call your referees to give them heads-up that you're putting them down in your application, and ask them to 'pretty please' be prompt getting the reference request back to us.

Multiple Applicants & Multiple Properties

  1. If you're applying with other people, the primary applicant should complete their online application first. This is usually the most responsible of the pair/group (if unsure, settle it over 'scissors, paper, rock'). You'll need to include the email addresses of the other adults applying, and once you've submitted your application, they'll all receive their own link in their inbox with a 'same same but different' form that will help us keep the relevant applications together.
  2. Everyone over 18 who will be residing in the property will need to submit an application.

And then...?

We do our best to be super speedy in processing applications. The most common delay is missing evidence, so the more you include, the quicker it will be. Another common delay is references getting returned - we'll let you know if we're not able to hear back from your critical referees so you can chase them up yourself or nominate another if appropriate.

Once applications are fully processed, we present a summary to the landlord of the property you applied for, and they will select their preferred application.

If you're the successful applicant, we'll ask you to pay a holding deposit of 1 week's rent within 24 hours. This becomes your first week's rent when you sign your lease, though is not refundable if you change your mind about the property. Once the holding deposit is paid, we stop processing other applications, and will email you a link to pay your bond and send you an electronic lease to sign.

If you're not the successful applicant, we will let you know as soon as possible. You can put your application forward for as many properties as you are interested in.  

All the best with your application!


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PS, you may be eligible to have your application fast-tracked

If you meet one or more of the following criteria, and provide evidence of this at the time of submitting your application, your application will be fast-tracked.

1 – Have a current rental ledger showing a minimum period of 12 months with no arrears;

2 – Are a company with a track record of successful tenancies;

3 – Are relocating to Dubbo for secured employment and have a letter of offer.

4 – Are a homeowner