Four Reasons You'll Love Yarrawonga East

Lot 18, Peel Place, Dubbo


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Lot 18, Peel Place, Dubbo

Only $1,000 deposit required

When it comes to choosing a block of land in Dubbo, you're really spoiled for choice! Here's four reasons why Yarrawonga East should be at the top of your list:


Seriously, who doesn't want to live closer to Bunnings!? Maybe you're an owner-builder and the benefits speak for themselves, or maybe you just love a good sausage sizzle on a Saturday. Let's face it, everybody is a Bunnings fan.

2. The Kids Can Walk To School

It's less than a 1.5km walk to not one, but two K-12 schools. If you reminisce about a time passed when kids walked or rode their bikes to and from school, you can reclaim the memory at this convenient locale.

Plus, with its even closer proximity to the ever-expanding BlueRidge Business Park, the car could easily become a ‘weekends only’ necessity.

Note, SJ Shooter doesn’t endorse letting your toddlers walk to BlueRidge Park Early Learning Centre solo. ;)


Our thriving city is getting ever busier, and if you’re one of the many people who work on the eastern side of town or commute to Wellington, you’ll love 10-15 minute time saving getting to and from work. The peak hour is real!

4. Includes Fences

There's not much you can really 'throw in' with a block of land, but we've found a way! You get that 'new fence feeling' right off the bat on your building journey.

If you’d like to chat about locating your lifestyle to Yarrawonga East, contact agent Samuel Shooter on 0402 640 126.

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